Friday, October 22, 2010

Top Ten Things that Make Me Tabachoy

A friend tagged me in a post about the top 10 bulalohans in Metro Manila as it mentioned a bulalo place we used to go to. That set me to thinking about LISTS!
It's one of the many things I like to do! I am a LISTMANIAC. I have LISTMANIA real bad.
So here is a LIST of the top ten things that make me TABACHOY!. Not in alphabetical, chronological order or even by order of preference.
Hey, yes I like lists but that doesn't mean I have an organized mind!
1. SINIGANG! - home made, store bought, in a carinderia, or in a relatively upscale place. I cannot resist sinigang on the menu. Sinigang na bangus if it's boneless. Sinigang na kanduli if I'm in the middle of Laguna lake. Sinigang na liempo or ribs when I'm letting it all go!
2. PANCIT! - bihon, malabon, miki, canton, lomi! Wet, dry, Pinoy or otherwise. I eat pancit bihon with rice, or as palaman in pandesal or between two slices of "tasty" bread. It's the ultimate comfort food.
3. PORK! - Isn't it obvious? As evidenced by the name of this blog? Roast pork, inihaw na baboy, lechon (well, not so much even if it does make a great opening shot!), asado, name your pork poison and I'm there!
4. PIZZA! - This is my guilty junk food. My husband and son are F1 fans and race night is pizza night at home. Our pizza of choice is Shakey's ever since they launched their buy 1 take 1 pizza. If there's anything better than pizza, it's a free pizza!
5. BEER! - A cold cold bottle of SMB light. Not a can but a frosty bottle. No need for a glass, thank you, I drink it straight from the bottle. My Japanese friend says it's barbaric to do so but then again, it makes the beer taste so much better!
6. SIOPAO! - Give me siopao, don't give me cake! Have you tried the jumbo siopao sold somewhere in Mandaluyong? Bigger than a plate, stuffed with all the good things -- red egg, chinese sausage, pork, chicken. Good for at least two siopao fanatics.
7. ILOCANO FOOD! - Longganisa from Laoag (I actually prefer the one from Dingras that's really strongly flavored but my husband finds that too ilokano for his taste), bagnet, later to be cooked into pinakbet, poqui poqui, insarabasab, dinakdakan, sukang iloko! Why wasn't I born an Ilokana?
8. CHINESE ROASTS! - Roast duck, char siew pork, roast goose, soy chicken -- bring it on and yang chow rice on the side please!
9. RICE FOR BREAKFAST! - Only when I cannot resist it but I hardly indulge these days. What goes with steaming hot rice? Scrambled egg, tuyo, daing, BACON! The best way to start the day (wrong).
10. EATING WITH FRIENDS AND ORDERING TOO MUCH! - My friends and I eat out a lot and we (rather, I) usually over order. Like true Pinoys, our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs.

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  1. hahahaha, you do over-order whenever we eat out!

    a meal out with you is always a feast!