Friday, January 13, 2012

24 hour Sushi at Sushizanmai in Tokyo

Do you wake up in the middle of the night from a dream about food, so vivid that you have an intense craving to eat it?

I have sushi dreams!

If I lived in Tokyo, I could run out at 2 am and actually fulfill my sushi dreams at Sushizanmai, a popular sashimi and sushi chain that's open all day and night.
24 hour sushi! I know I've died and gone to nigiri heaven!

The lighted menu board outside this branch near the Shimbashi station is an education in itself. I want to go inside and order each and every kind!

Since we go during off hours, we find a nice quiet table.
Don't go during rush hour though as the queue can take up to 30 minutes!

For starters, we indulge in a nice big bowl of chirashi sushi topped with my all-time favorites -- grilled unagi, fresh ebi, salmon roe, saba, ika, tamago, kani, and different cuts of maguro!

We follow that up with a plate of mixed sashimi... just to change the pace.

Then, because we're not yet content, we order this special plate of all maguro sushi.
There's minced tuna maki, ultra smooth and fatty toro, which is served two ways, raw and lightly seared.
The slightly grilled toro is so addictively yummy, we have two more pieces for the road!

It's midnight and I am sushi-sated. A glass of cold cold Asahi beer will ensure deep slumber ... until the next sushi dream!

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