Monday, February 13, 2012

Pizzeria Mozza -- Wickedly Good Pizza

Nothing like having a little "me" time during a business trip. I was in Singapore for a quick meeting and took the chance to see "Wicked" at the Marina Bay Sands. But first, a pre-show dinner at Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza!

The last time I watched a play at the MBS, Mozza was fully packed. I ended up at BD -- Daniel Boulud's bistro right next door. This time, the No-Reservation-Walk-In gods were kinder to me and I was able to get a table for one.

The place was jumping with people at the early hour of 6:15 pm. This restaurant is so popular, it's almost impossible to get in during mealtimes unless you have a reservation or you're willing to sit at the bar.

Pizzeria Mozza serves antipasti, salads, some choice meat dishes but the pizzas are what bring the crowds in.
Mario Batali has a Filipina chef in the kitchen -- Karla Mendoza used to work for him in the US and he brought her to Singapore to head this new venture.
Aside from the chef, most of the waitstaff are young, friendly and very efficient Filipinas.
My server says the wait for my pizza will be at least 30 minutes but assures me that I will have time to eat it before the show.
Meanwhile, she leaves me with a small paper packet of cheese triangles that helps dull the pangs of hunger while I sit, people watch and wait.

And here is my funghi misti, fontina, taleggio and thyme pizza. It looked and smelled terrific the minute it was placed before me. And when I cut off a small bit of the golden crust for my first bite - I nearly swooned with delight.
Such a golden good crust this pizza has!
The thick cut, almost meaty mushrooms were a combination of portobello and shiitake.
The Italian cheeses fontina and taleggio were strongly flavored and quite salty, just the way I like my cheese.
It was best pizza I had ever had ... in a long, long time.
But alas -- it was too big for me to finish and sad to say, I had to say goodbye to a third of it.

There were just a few minutes left to spare after dinner before the show started. Thankfully, Pizzeria Mozza is strategically located, right across the MBS Theaters.

After that delicious pizza, it's now time for a dose of deliciously wicked wit.

The show is about to start -- time to put my trusty camera phone away!

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