Friday, October 12, 2012

Lost in Translation - Our Kyoto Week-end Part 3

I couldn't believe it -- I thought Kyoto would be so tourist friendly but somehow on our first whole day out, we got lost!  Something that had never happened to us in busier, bigger Tokyo!

It started off innocently enough at the bus terminal of Kyoto Station.  We followed the guidebook directions and took bus 206 bound for Kinkakuji Temple in northern Kyoto.  The directions seemed clear enough ...

While the bus was full, we were lucky enough to snag two seats and enjoyed the view as we passed through Kyoto's streets.

The bus ride seemed to take forever --and no wonder, after more than hour, we suddenly found ourselves back in Kyoto Station!  Somehow, we had missed the stop and ended up right where we started!  How could that have happened?
Jay was pretty philosophical about it but I was in no mood to smile.
Fuming mad at myself and yes, at Kyoto ... what a waste of precious time that I did not really have much of.

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