Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet Endings in Sweet Garden in Windsor House Causeway Bay

"It was a dark and stormy night..." To quote my favourite beagle, Snoopy -- these were the exact weather conditions when I stumbled upon this wonderful little corner of sweetness otherwise known as Sweet Garden Hong Kong Desserts.

Sweet Garden is located on the 4th floor of Windsor House in Causeway Bay.  Its colourful and cheerful interiors brightened up my mood despite the blustery and wet weather outside.

At past 10 p.m, the tables were all full of young locals -- perhaps just starting their Friday evening, while I was on my way to ending mine.

Lest you think that I finished all these, there were five of us that shared these desserts --
 a strawberry snowflake ice with strawberry syrup, nata de coco and yoghurt balls, hot black sesame soup and a green tea snowflake ice with red beans and nata de coco and which the helpful and friendly waiter suggested would be much improved with a drizzle of condensed milk.  And he was right!
Everything matched perfectly -- the strawberry ice was complemented by the small yoghurt balls that yielded a squirt of tart yoghurt and who knew that condensada went well with green tea?  
Of course, hot black sesame soup is a personal addiction of mine so I happily finished that by myself.

Sweet Garden's extensive menu lists so many other choices of traditional Hong Kong desserts ...
hot and cold, stewed and soupy, puddings and custards too.
Sweet Garden was a sweet ending to an otherwise gloomy and rainy day in Hong Kong.

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