Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Salary Man's Lunch in Osaka in the Middle of a Busy Day

On this last business trip to Osaka, the full day of meetings meant that I had less than an hour to grab a bite at lunch.  I headed out into the sunny September day to experience a very typical salary man's lunch.

Most of the buildings around the office had small cafes and restaurants, to serve the working crowd.
Wait, I spy a menu board!

Located a few steps down from the ground level, this plain, unassuming eatery seemed like the place that I was looking for.

True enough, full of office workers on their hurried lunch breaks, it was just the sort of place I wanted to try and experience.

Bottles of sake laid out neatly on top of the lunch counter show that this place easily transforms into a drinking spot after office hours.

 No english menu but a picture menu shows an assortment of fried dishes.  Tonkatsu, katsu curry and other fried items are the lunchtime specials.

I settled for a sakana and ebi fry. Two pieces of breaded shrimp and fish plus a bowl of rice, miso soup and the ubiquitous small dish of tsukemono or pickles.
I was done with lunch in 20 minutes.
So this is how Japanese office workers take their lunch breaks.
Now, back to work!

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