Monday, December 16, 2013

Icho Namiki -- Tokyo's Golden Road Part 3 Best of the Best

Tokyo is world famous for its  cherry blossom season in early April but I find that fall, when the leaves turn red and gold, is the more beautiful time of the year.  I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo in mid November,  just in time to get a peek at the gorgeousness that was about to come.

 Since I didn't have time to wander out of Tokyo, I was told that Icho Namiki, a street lined with gingko trees was a good way to enjoy autumn colours within city limits.  It's just a few minutes walk from the Aoyama Itchome station.
We got there at 8 in the morning, and the streets were still quite empty.  "Icho" means gingko and true enough, the short avenue was indeed lined with perfectly symmetrical gingko trees from start to end.  At first glance, the trees were still quite green with only the tops starting to turn yellow gold.

But further down the street, the yellow gold colour became more evident.  More of the trees had started to put on their fall finery.

It certainly made for a lovely stroll.  The gingko trees line the road but they are also planted on each side of the wide sidewalk.  There were no crowds at this time of the morning.  The few people walking around had their cameras out and were busy taking photos, just like us.

 Here's a proud specimen -- flaunting its yellow leaves for all to admire and enjoy.

 I craned my neck up and saw only yellow gold leaves, hardly allowing the sunlight to stream through.

The one thing that lovely autumn leaves shares with delicately pretty cherry blossoms is their brief breathtaking burst of  beauty.  These fallen yellow leaves however show just how ephemeral their splendour is.
Beauty, no matter how impressive, is fleeting.  It's a thought for quiet reflection while walking amidst the spectacular scenery of Icho Namiki.

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