Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Disconnecting from the world at Amorita Resort, Panglao Bohol

Amorita Resort in Panglao Island, Bohol had been on my "to go to" list for quite a few years -- friends, colleagues, clients who had been to Amorita inevitably came home with nothing but superlatives about the place.  I finally got to go last week-end.  And it was certainly everything that everyone had said it would be.

Amorita sits high above the white sands of Alona Beach.  From a vantage point, you get this sweeping panorama ... blue sky, bluer sea, a white sand beach.    It was a view I knew I would never get tired of.

My Amorita experience started with the full on Boholano charm -- the service at the resort,  while charming and gracious is also very efficient and completely professional.  No wonder the foreigners I had a chance to speak with during my stay were all praises for the resort staff.

The main building which houses Saffron, Amorita's excellent restaurant is spacious, expansive and well ventilated.

There are few walls to cut the flow of the fresh breezes coming in from the sea.  

Choose a table by the pool and you're almost dining  al fresco.  For those who want a more romantic meal, the staff can set up a table for two --  overlooking the beach.

Wooden decks by the pool are perfect for sunbathing while enjoying some cloud porn.  The infinity pool is a front row seat to this amazing view.

Amorita has preserved and made good use of the existing greenery which helps give the resort its natural, unaffected feel.

Should you wish to explore the delights of Alona Beach, a stone staircase leads down to the exit.  This is a well guarded point to ensure security for  the resort's guests.

Alona Beach has white sand and clear blue waters -- it's Boracay's mini-me.  While there are bars and restaurants that are open till the wee hours of the morning, I felt that Alona Beach had a more relaxed and less commercialised vibe.  

Amorita is truly a  luxury resort.  Nothing has been spared in ensuring one's complete delight -- the ocean and garden view villas that are the most coveted accommodations are spaced well apart, ensuring peace and quiet at all times of the day.

I was very lucky to have an ocean view villa.  A wooden gate with an iron latch locked out the rest of the world.

This very comfortable bed guaranteed hours of blissful slumber -- be it nap time or bed time.  A flat screen tv is conveniently placed on a table across the bed.  But who wants to watch when you can lie back and just dream?

I found this little day bed to be very convenient -- it was an ideal reading nook!

The outdoor bathroom is almost as big as the bedroom.  I loved the rain shower!
And don't worry about the neighbours, it may be an open style bath but it's completely sheltered and private. 

The best part about the ocean view villa was this outdoor plunge pool which directly faces the sea.  Apres-sun, apres-beach -- this little pocket of cool shaded comfort was just the thing to unwind in. 

There are a couple of lounge chairs if you want to sunbathe away from the crowds of Alona Beach

My favourite part of the day was mid afternoon.  Away from the glare and heat of the sun, 
I sat in my private little pool feeling completely disconnected from everyone and everything.  Contemplating my toes, enjoying the solitude that is so hard to come by .... 

Excuse me, but I'd like to be alone now ...

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