Thursday, December 10, 2015

Home Cooked Favorites at Salo Salo, UP Town Center

UP Town Center is a new-ish mall near Ateneo along Katipunan Road.  It's right where the old 
UPIS used to be.  I had not been able to go during the entire semester that I was teaching but 
finally on the last day of classes, I found a perfect excuse to visit.  
I took three old friends out to lunch. 
While there are many different kinds of restaurants in the mall, we decided that we were all 
hungry for Pinoy food.  Salo Salo on the ground floor was also the first thing that caught our eyes.

How about some Sisig to start with?  Salo Salo's version stuck close to the original, nothing fancy, just good old fashioned Pampango type sisig.  We also ordered Paksiw na Lechon which turned out to be the best tasting dish on the table.  The lechon had been simmered for so long that  it practically melted in the mouth.  Paksiw na Lechon is much better than lechon since you can eat more with 
less of the "umay" factor.

The kare kare had chunks of  ox tail which made it authentic and home-cooked in my eyes.  I just wish the sauce were not so thick as I prefer my kare kare a little soupy.

The waiter recommended the Adobong Puti which used both pork and chicken pieces.  It was garlicky and sour and I didn't miss the toyo at all.

To assuage our guilt over all the meat dishes we ordered, we  had  Bistek na Tiyan ng Bangus.  
The belly was large and fatty -- just the way tiyan ng bangus should be.  Extra rice please!

With the table cleared, time to capture this moment for posterity.  These "boys"  may be my 
ex-colleagues but they have also become my very good friends.
Thank you guys for this pre- Christmas sama-sama sa Salo Salo!

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