Wednesday, January 6, 2016

3 quiet days in December

I took myself offline and off the grid for three days this December.  I went to a secluded and quiet place to be alone, to be silent, to pray and to reconnect with myself.

I travelled just 40 kilometres from home but it seemed  much farther away.  When I entered the gates and rode down this tree lined driveway, I felt as if I had been dropped down in another time and another dimension.

The window in my spare but comfortable room looked out on this view.  I could not see any buildings, billboards, rooftops ... nothing but grass and trees and a sheep or two who wandered by.
There was no noise but for the sound of raindrops on the galvanised iron roof -- sounds that were so conducive to relaxing, thinking and yes, falling asleep while doing so.

I put on my raincoat and wandered through the grounds.  I climbed the tree house and spent a good hour alone.  It would be a place I would keep coming back to during these three days. The swing hanging from the branch was also a marvellous aid for deep reflection.

My feet led me to a modest burial ground, where I felt not at all scared but completely and beautifully at peace.

My spirits were renewed and uplifted not just by prayer and contemplation but also by the loveliness of my surroundings.  The three days flew by like 3 minutes.  Had I really been silent and disconnected for three whole days?

I didn't want to leave but I am comforted by the thought that when I need to come back, I will always be welcome.

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