Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Happy Meal at Happy Delicious Kitchen in Binondo

In Binondo on a weekday shopping errand, I decided to look for a restaurant that I had not been to before.  Luckily, I stumbled on to a real find.

At the corner of Salazar and Benavidez streets is  Happy Delicious Kitchen,  with a name like that, how could I resist? 

It was lunchtime when I walked in.  While it would not win any awards for decor or ambience,  
it was clean and only mouthwatering food smells wafted through the air-conditioned interiors.
Most of the business must be from take out orders as there were no tables, only counter seating around the restaurant.

While I had yet to taste the food, the prices were more than enough to make me happy -- for three viands on your plate plus rice, you pay only P180.  For bigger eaters (present company included),  four items on the plate plus rice is just P210.  

It's turo-turo / cafeteria style at the Kitchen.  There are more than 20 metal pans with all kinds of hot dishes -- meat, seafood and even a few which are vegetarian friendly.  Everything looks freshly cooked and made with high quality ingredients -- certainly not your ordinary turo-turo place. 

If you're still unable to make up your mind, at the end of the counter is a table with some more choices -- machang, siomai  or how about some cuapao?  The fresh lumpia is assembled right behind the counter.

On the other end is this "carving" station where cured meats like pork asado, ham hocks and sausages beckon enticingly.  While it is mostly for take out orders, they will cut you a few slices if you want to eat it there.

If you are thinking that I ordered a kilo of pork asado to wolf down by myself -- well let me disabuse you of that thought.  My choices were quite  healthy.  Clockwise from the top of the plate ...  
stewed tofu, seaweed salad (tart and really good!), fish cakes and yuba skin sautéed with tausi
It all tasted of home cooked goodness. 
Happy Delicious Kitchen definitely lived up to its name and promise!

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