Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Getting my RDA of Cholesterol at Bubbles Crispy Pata in Lucena

Two years ago,  a report published in the US stated that cholesterol was no longer a major cause for concern and was being removed from the list of nutrients that one should steer clear of.  This of course got much publicity and was received gleefully by carnivores worldwide.

Keeping this in mind, I have since been indulging my "savoury" tooth.  Hey, if other people have a sweet tooth and a propensity for desserts, I have a predilection for salty, savoury, umami rich food -- usually these are also cholesterol-lific.
On a recent visit to Lucena City, I decided that my cholesterol levels were at an alarmingly low level so to get a fresh infusion, dinner at Bubbles Crispy Pata  was just what my bloodstream needed.

Set in an authentic antique heritage house,  Bubbles Crispy Pata (appropriately named as it gives me visions of tiny bubbles of cholesterol merrily effervescing through my veins ) is a favourite dining place for locals.
Thankfully, the house's original interiors have been left pretty much unchanged.  The dining area is 
in what was probably the house's massive living room.  
Simple wooden chairs and tables are just right for that homey atmosphere.  The open windows bring in a cooling breeze and also sadly, some of the fumes from the jeeps that ply the busy street.

We start off our cholesterol (re)charge with Bubbles' sizzling sisig.  The chunks of pork cheeks, ears and snout are slightly bigger than most and have that chewy cartilaginous texture ... left a little bit longer on the hot plate, the bits and pieces on the bottom take on an appetising crunchy char.  
A raw golden yellow yolk tops this popular Pinoy pulutan (food or snacks taken with alcohol).  
Spicy chili has been thoughtfully served on the side, should you wish your sisig to pack on more heat.
I could have done without much of the mayonnaise squeezed on top as it added a slightly sweet tinge.

We had barely made a dent on the sisig before Bubbles' piece de resistance was brought out to the table.  
The pork leg is fried so well yet does not leave a greasy or oily mouthfeel.  I am guessing it is
pre-boiled then flash fried for maximum crispness as each order comes in.  
The skin has a crackling crunch, it's almost like eating chicharon (pork rinds).   The meat of the 
pork leg can be tough and quite chewy but this crispy pata is tender, succulent and flavourful.  
The meat almost slides off the bone so that you literally have just a small pile of clean bones at the end of the meal.
This is, hooves down, the best crispy pata I have ever had. And from someone who has a blog called porkintheroad, you can rightfully assume that I have had quite a few.

Bubbles is right across the Provincial Capitol and Perez Park so it's hard to miss.  
We came in for an early dinner and left just as the evening crowd was starting to come in.  
The restaurant gets full at peak dining hours most specially on week-ends and holidays so it would 
be better to make a reservation. 
Thank you Bubbles for my RDA (required daily allowance) of cholesterol.  
We will definitely be back for a replenishment soon!

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