Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lunch at The Chef's Home in Baguio City

Jay and  I had not been to Baguio in over ten years.  We visited in December and got a taste of the pre-holiday crowds.  The old tourist traps were even "trappier" than before.
The main thoroughfares were as traffic clogged as Manila's streets and Session Road had lost its relaxed vintage feel as fast food chains lined both sides of the street.
But there were some bright spots -- we enjoyed our stay at Hotel Elizabeth and found some delicious discoveries.

If you walk straight past Mansion House towards the road going to Mines View Park,
you will find The Chef's Home.
Well regarded in the Baguio food scene, it is owned by a Malaysian chef and serves an eclectic
mix of Southeast Asian dishes.

We called to check if we could come for a late lunch and were told they close at exactly 2 p.m. 
It's a quick 10 minute walk from the hotel and the lunchtime crowd had left by the time we arrived.

As the name implies, the ambience is cosy and homey.  You certainly get the feel that you really are in the chef's home.  At the entrance, a small stand of homemade sauces and pickles are not to be missed -- specially the cucumber and the chili pickles which were superb.

For appetizers, the smiling waitress suggested their fish tofu which was fried and served with their own chili sauce and lots of wansoy leaves.  This was my favourite -- flavourful cubes of tender fish blended with creamy tofu. 

For mains, we had chicken sate and  fresh snapper cooked in chili and garlic sauce.  Perfect for spooning over hot rice. 

We loved the food so much that the chef came out to say hello.  Here  he is posing beside the menu board which lists the daily specials.  The menu is changed frequently based on what is available and fresh in the market. 
However, if you are craving for something that is not listed, they would be happy to cook it for you 
as long as the ingredients are available in the kitchen.

The waitstaff were so friendly and charming.  We stayed past closing time but never felt that we 
were being rushed out of the place.  Next time we're in Baguio, we shall definitely take time to 
enjoy the warm hospitality at The Chef's Home once again. 

P.S The restaurant will be moving out of this location early 2018.  Please check for their new address if you plan to visit. 

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