Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 11: New Year treat fit for a King ... Gallette des Rois

Last night, on New Year's eve, I was standing in line at the boulangerie and noticed almost everyone buying a flaky looking soft cookie cum filled tart called a gallette des rois. It looked yummy so I bought one.
This morning, at New Year's day breakfast, we appropriately had our gallette de rois.
This is a soft pastry filled with frangipane -- a buttery smooth filling made of pastry cream and almond cream.
Not too sweet but with a rich mouth feel and very delicious.
French families traditionally have the gallette des rois on the feast of the Three Kings who are also known as the Les Rois Mages.
Since this festival has moved from January 12 to January 6 to the first Sunday of January, the gallette des rois starts to show up on family tables starting on the New Year.
And because the gallette celebrates the Feast of the 3 Kings, a gold tinsel crown comes with each pastry.
A trinket or favor is hidden in the gallette and whoever finds it, gets the "golden crown" and is king for the day, meaning, he can boss everyone around.
My half of the gallette yielded the "feve", a small plastic logo of the bakery I had bought it from.
No need to boss anyone around though, just discovering and enjoying the gallette des rois had already made me feel like royalty!

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