Friday, February 18, 2011

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine ... Fine Dining on Big Plates

That sounds like an oxymoron. We have become used to "fine" or "gourmet" dining to also mean high prices and small servings. Nin-yo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge (quite a mouthful in itself) along Esteban Abada in the Katipunan area smashes those preconceived notions to smithereens.
Ninyo serves good food in huge plates, large servings that could easily feed two.
While prices are not low - the quality and quantity make you feel that you had a good meal with money well spent.
I particularly enjoy their raspberry vinaigrette salad which is more than enough for two.
Entrees worth ordering include the hanging steak, the duck leg confit, the braised lamb shank (a BIG shank) and a deconstructed stewed pork knuckle that has been molded into a rice ring -- think pata tim donburi.
Somehow, the seafood offerings aren't as interesting as the meats but after your meal, make sure you have room for dessert. Ninyo's mango pavlova is worth a visit unto itself.
Set in a rambling two story house, Ninyo's charming and homey ambience adds to a relaxed and comfortable dining experience. The second floor has room for about 12 diners (although I had a private party there once and 15 of us squeezed in) and makes a great venue for small, intimate gatherings.
Or, you can choose to dine al fresco, there are cozy tables set up just outside with fairy lights for a romantic atmosphere.

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