Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Friday Lunch at Fire Lake Grill, Tagaytay

Fridays tend to turn me slightly freaky and flighty. A few Fridays ago, I decided it would be a great idea to run off to Tagaytay for lunch -- leave work, just up and go. It's just an hour's drive away from Makati anyway! If we felt like it, we could be back in time to still put in a few hours' work.

We decided to have lunch at Fire Lake Grill, one of the restaurants at the tony, upscale Cliff House in Tagaytay. Fire Lake Grill is casual yet chic -- bright, warm colors infuse the dining room. Wide windows look out on a terrace where you can also dine al fresco.
We opted for a table outdoors even if the day was slightly warm -- the view alone was worth any discomfort. Who wouldn't want to have lunch overlooking this great view? Instead of looking out from the window of the office? Or the Food Court?

I started my meal with a bowl of fresh greens -- with generous toppings of walnuts and feta cheese and a sunny raspberry vinaigrette.

Since I don't eat meat and Fire Lake Grill is well known for its CAB - certified Angus Beef steaks, I asked the waiter what he would recommend. He suggested that I try something new the chef had just put on the menu -- asparagus and prawn risotto. It was extremely good! I finished every butil of rice on that plate!

My friend ordered the Angus steak and she declared it as the best she had ever had! And yes, nothing survived on her plate either, except for the bone.

The best thing about that spur of the moment lunch at Fire Lake Grill was meeting up with the Chef and owner -- Paul Huang. Paul and I go a long way back -- I knew him when he was in high school as his older (and only) sister and I are good friends from college.
Chef Paul is an ex-corporate guy, an erstwhile marketing man who has found his true calling.
I envy him -- doing what he does best, loving it every minute, delighting all who dine at his table -- and yes, having that great view from his "office" window every single day!

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