Monday, August 8, 2011

Pork Memories ... Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant, Hong Kong

One of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong is Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant. Every time we find ourselves in Hong Kong, we can't not go to this place -- it's a landmark for good, affordable food that's been there for as long as I can remember.
Guangdong has other branches in Hong Kong but we go to the one along Hankow Road in the Tsim Tsat Tsui area. It's a hop and a skip away from Canton Road where we always stay so it's convenient to pop in and out for lunch, dinner, midnight snack and on the last day of the trip -- for boxes of take home roast meats.

Guangdong serves very good Cantonese roast dishes -- roast goose or duck,char siew pork or asado and roast pig with its crisp, crackly golden brown skin. We order them all, all the time!
Single minded, just pork all the way!

The only other thing we order are platters of yang chow fried rice, glistening with oil from the wok, hot and fragrant with bits of roast meat. As you can see, the table is too small to hold everything!

The last time I was in Guangdong Restaurant was a year ago and I immediately hied off for a solitary midnight meal. I had just arrived on the late flight and was feeling the pangs of Canton roast meat deprivation. I had a single order of crisp skinned roast pig with a cup of rice, doused on top with some meat drippings. A glass of coke that had more ice cubes than beverage completed the meal.
My pork memories are made of meals like this!

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