Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crispy Puffs and Coffee -- a working lunch at Swissotel The Stamford

Budget meeting time again! For the very first time, I had left Manila without a single page of my presentation done.
Too much work in the office, too many meetings. I knew it would be one huge cramming session the minute I got to Singapore.
What made cramming not unattractive is how comfortable and relaxed I am at Swissotel The Stamford, my home away from home whenever I am in Singapore.
I knew that my room would be an oasis of calm, where I could really work without distraction.

Well, not totally without distractions -- the view outside my window is always so terrific.
The city of Singapore, namely the marina area and the business district unfold right outside the glass sliding doors.
A pot of white orchids thoughtfully placed on top of the work table is an elegant touch.

The Swissotel's rooms are large, well laid out, tastefully decorated. The work table is neat until I start to strew all my papers about.

I'm quite thrilled to see that the room comes with my own personal Nespresso coffee maker!
It will be a nice change from regular brewed coffee.

I can even choose from 3 coffee varieties -- strong and bold Vivalto, bright and refreshing Finezzo and Decaffeinato -- for late in the evening and I'm ready to wind down and relax.

Nespresso's in the house!

My cup of coffee on the table, my work papers arranged and organized -- I'm ready to buckle down and start on my budget presentation!

But wait -- it's mid afternoon and I have yet to have lunch!
The hotel basement is full of food stalls, kiosks, eateries, bakeshops and even a small supermarket.
I head out to buy a new and really shiok food find -- 1A Crispy Puffs!
So delightfully tasty, these fat little puffs come in chicken curry, sardine, chili crab and other savory varieties.
Unlike the other more well known curry puff brand, 1A Puff's crust is delicate and crisp, not at all oily.
My favorites are the sardine puff which is quite spicy and the chili crab -- which tastes exactly like what a deconstructed chili crab dish would taste like.
1A Crispy Puffs, a cup of hot coffee and I'm ready to start working on that budget presentation!

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