Monday, May 14, 2012

Pork in the Road -- beyond cyberspace

The FedEx package arrived early this Monday morning and for a brief moment - I couldn't even remember what it was.  Did I order a book from  Wasn't it too early for the 2013 New Yorker Desk Calendar?  

My mind must be going because how could I forget?
I had found this wonderful company on the web called Shared Book and they had a service called blog2print where you can have your blogs printed in book form.
It was a perfect way to fulfill a long held dream -- that of writing a book.
Although in this case, since I would really be "printing" my blog,  I suppose that dream is just semi-fulfilled.

But however I chose to think of it -- it was a great thrill to open the box and see, through the protective plastic shrink wrap -- the title of my blog, now existing not just virtually, in cyberspace, but in the good old fashioned way -- on print and on paper.

No more worries about two years of writing disappearing in the great blogosphere!
The photo of the lechon on the cover, the title of my blog printed in front, my byline on the side ... it gave me taste of what I could actually do -- one of these days, I have to sit down and write my book.

But in the meantime, this single copy of Pork in the Road, all 282 pages of it, will definitely do!

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