Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nyonya & Baba -- Peranakan cuisine at Vivo City, Singapore

A quick trip to Singapore a week ago was all work with no time for sneaking out except for a visit to Vivo City on the evening I arrived.  Singapore malls are not the best places for finding good food but I had no choice.  It was dinnertime and I was hungry.

I wasn't about to eat at any chain restaurant and the huge food court was full and noisy.  What luck that this restaurant had empty tables!
Nyonya & Baba is a peranakan restaurant that serves old time cuisine of the Nonyas.  Peranakan food is a blend of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian influences and is very popular in Singapore.

 The meal started out with a complimentary basket of kropek and a dish of assorted spicy hot, tart pickles. The pickles were very flavourful.   The chili sauce came with half of a calamansi to add more zip and zest to the meal.

These spicy sweet sambal prawns were quite hot -- and needed more rice than usual.

I would have preferred what they serve at Banana Leaf Curry along Little India but this Assam Fish Head Curry was a more than passable substitute.  The hot curry had a hint of tangy tamarind which made for a nuanced spicy taste.

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