Friday, June 20, 2014

A Raunchy Roast at Fu Kee in Sham Tseng (My Hong Kong Week end Part 2)

The raunchy comes from the name, as only Filipinos can get (with a wink and a smile).  Michael and I headed for this famous restaurant right after our 14 kilometre hike.  The roast  refers to the roast goose which Sham Tseng is famous (notorious?) for and where Fu Kee is a well known institution.

We walked along the main road of Sham Tseng where a whole row of 
roast goose restaurants lie in wait.

I don't read Cantonese but Michael said this was the place.  Fu Kee seems to be one of the bigger roast goose establishments as its frontage is much wider than the others.  

It's actually made up of three dining areas.  There is an area where the tables have tablecloths (a bit pricier) and an area where there are no tablecloths but the round tables are set for bigger groups.

We sat in the area where there were no tablecloths and where the tables were for solo diners or at the most, groups of four.  Further inside,  you could choose to sit in air-conditioned splendour but we opted for the "outdoor" seating where the smell of roasting meats wafted through the air.

The long hike had left us both hungry but one fourth order of roast goose and one cup of rice that we ordered was more than enough for both of us.  That and a tall bottle of Skol beer.  Perhaps slick, oily, rich fatty goose is not exactly what the body craves for after a tiring walk.

 This is perhaps the best roast goose that I have ever had.  It came to the table slight warm, as if it had just come out of the oven.  The skin was crisp and crackling. But each decadently delicious bite 
made me feel like I was closer to meeting my Maker -- how many grams of fat and cholesterol did I ingest?  It was a plump and juicy goose, swimming in its own umami rich juices.  
I must confess though, I only ate a few pieces -- I didn't want to negate all the healthy benefits of the hike we had just finished.  

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