Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pigging out on Pablo Cheesecake in Osaka

Pablo Cheesecake is considered Osaka's best and most popular. The lines around its stores can sometimes extend around the block.  I always recommend it to friends traveling to Osaka and so far, I've heard nothing but raves.

On this last business trip to Osaka, I made sure to fit in some Pablo Cheesecake in my betsubara (what the Japanese call the "second" stomach that most ladies have, usually reserved for dessert or sweets).
One night,  I was walking back to the hotel through Osaka Station when wonder of wonders, I found a Pablo kiosk where the line was just two ladies deep!   I was not about to miss out on this stroke of luck.

It's amazing that cheesecake of such high quality is sold for only 741 yen (tax included).
One cheesecake is about 6 inches in diameter but because it is so rich, it can be cut into small slices and shared by as many people.

Pablo Cheesecake comes in two variants -- raw or medium. Should you choose "raw",  the cheese is really wet and runny.  If you prefer a more solid consistency, then the medium version is right for you.

Two  evenings later,  after a whole day of meetings, I headed off to Shinsaibashi for some shopping.
I found that Pablo had opened a cafe right in the heart of this area.  And only in this cafe do they sell smaller, single portion cheesecakes, good for one (or two)  which you can enjoy, along with coffee and other specialty drinks, in the very comfortable and spacious restaurant on the second floor.
These solo cheesecakes though are for dine-in customers only and cannot be taken out.
It's a good way to protect the main product and best seller, the regular 6 inch cake.

There were a lot of kawaii images and statues of cows -- to further reference the fresh milk that goes into the making of Pablo's cheesecake.

Even the overhead lamps came in an adorable cow print!

As I sat and waited for my cheesecake, I couldn't help but smile at this view.  A huge cheesecake hangs on the window, surrounded by old fashioned milk cans and yes, those adorable cows.

Here's what I ordered!  The cheesecake order comes with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a little pot of orange infused honey.  The ice cream and honey definitely enhanced my enjoyment and helped lessen some of the richness of the cheesecake.
But, gomen nasai, my betsubara and I could not finish this solo portion, much as we tried.

 Thank you Pablo!  What better way to cap off an evening of shopping than a late night date with the best cheesecake in Osaka.

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