Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Taking a Turn on the Hep 5 Ferris Wheel in Osaka

Roller coasters have never been my thing. Why pay and wait in a long line for a few seconds of gut wrenching misery?  I am a ferris wheel kind of girl ... the slow, steady ascent to an eye popping view.  
I cannot pass by a ferris wheel without stopping for a ride.

I had always wanted to take a spin on the bright red wheel atop the Hep 5 Mall in the environs of Osaka Station.  I had caught glimpses of it from past trips and wondered when I would be able to get on board.  This last business trip to Osaka -- before the business part actually commenced, I found myself right outside the entrance of Hep 5.  There looming above me was the ferris wheel, framed against the darkening Osaka sky.  Of course I walked right in.

Don't be surprised to  find a huge red whale once you walk into Hep 5.  A colossal cetacean dangling from the ceiling probably lures shoppers in.

 An elevator took me  to the 7th floor where I boarded the ferris wheel.  I was afraid there would be a queue and was happy to see that on this Wednesday night, business was relatively slow.

What a thrill to see the city scene from my air-conditioned gondola.  I got to appreciate the architecture of Osaka Station, seen from this vantage point.

Far off in the distance, squeezed between those two buildings is the Osaka Tower.  Much closer and right smack in the centre of the photo above is  H&M -- where I had just been window shopping.  I'll take a slow ferris wheel ride over shopping any day!

 I tried to capture a panoramic shot of my view, catching even part of the giant red wheel in the frame.

It was a beautifully clear night -- perfect for a ferris wheel ride.  After a while, I stopped  taking photos and just sat and enjoyed the view.

All too soon, it was time to get off.  My sweet and slow ride took just 15 minutes.  But it gave me the time to exhale,  release all the tiredness from work and put me in the right frame of mind for the business meetings to come.

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