Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pavino's Bakery -- Lucban's Best

Pavino's Bakery, a local, long standing panaderia in Lucban makes the best local cookies and breads this side of Mount Banahaw.  I have been ordering Pavino's specialties for many years and made sure I dropped by on my last visit to Lucban.

The bakery is just behind the plaza fronting the munisipio.  You can't miss it -- it's also across that other popular Lucban brand, Buddy's Pancit Habhab.

While broas (ladyfingers) is the specialty of the house, I much prefer Pavino's other cookies most specially their very thin and crisp apas -- golden brown, sugary and utterly addictive.  
The camachile cookies, shaped like the camachile fruit, are also very good  and have a slight buttery taste.  Pavino's sells these  cookies -- the broas, apas and camachile in both plastic packs and tin cans.

All the baking is done on-site, right behind the storefront.  There are trays of fresh baked bread and cookies  that give off a maddeningly delicious aroma.

I am wracked with indecision as I view the variety of breads and pastries lined up on the counter -- ensaimada, cheese rolls, butter cake slices, brownies, native rice cakes like espasol, puto ... I want to buy everything I see!

 In the end, I stock up on packs of pinagong, a Quezon specialty.  This bread is so called because its shape mimics a turtle's shell. Pinagong is a dense, compact type of egg bread that's rather heavy but utterly divine.  Heated in the toaster oven and slathered with butter, it makes for a filling breakfast treat.

Pavino's and I go a long way back.  For more than fifteen years, they have been the source of Christmas gifts that I give to just about everyone ...  friends, family, officemates, clients, suppliers, neighbours, etc.
I always order their apas -- those thin, crisp, sugar dusted cookies.  They come in gallon tin cans which Pavino's wraps in colourful Christmas wrappers.
Maligayang aPasko ... salamat sa Pavino's!

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