Friday, June 26, 2015

Amigos de Santiago on Camino -- Day 2 Furela to Sarria

Day 2 and the Amigos de Santiago were not quite yet feeling the effects of the previous day's 10 km walk.  We set off at 8:30 a.m. from Furela with Sarria knowing that this day's walk, at only 9 km, would be the shortest of the entire Camino.

The trail from Furela led us through dirt paths between farmhouses.

Some of the residents were certainly curious and came out to see who was passing by.

Despite the fact that everyone had a hearty breakfast at the hotel,  a second desayuno was soon considered appropriate.
Casa Sines in the small village of  Pintin, just 2 km from where we started was where we had cafe con leche to ward off the chill from the still nippy Galician morning air.
We also could not resist ordering a slice of tarta de Santiago, the delicious almond based Gallegan pastry that went so well with coffee.

While we were chowing down, a Galician gang of solidly built, well-fed cows marched on the path beside us -- eyes on the road they were single-mindedly focused on getting to their own desayuno -- to the verdant grass fields where they would stay and graze the day away.
No cafe con leche or tarta for this bunch!

Now,  well fed like the cows, we too marched on -- crossing some country roads to get back on to the well worn pilgrim paths.

The path quickly led us to very serene, wooded areas where birdsong seemed like it was piped in through giant speakers.

We left the wooded path to emerge into a small village -- this stone cross weathered by age was in front of a very small chapel.

A lovely image of Our Lady  was the chapel's centrepiece -- it was closed so we had to  say our silent prayers in front of the iron grills.

 Picturesque stone houses lined both sides of this small village.  These must be at least a hundred years old -- although I wonder if the interiors have been modernised.  I can imagine how cold houses like these would be during the winter months.

 All too soon, we were out of the villages and walking on pine tree lined gravel paths beside the main highway into Sarria.  We could see the city ahead -- this was an easy 9 km walk indeed.

Here are some of the Amigos posing beside a road sign -- although Vigo de Sarria is outside the city centre -- we still had a kilometre or two to go.

Perhaps because of the euphoria of having finished quite early, just a bit after noontime and coupled with the relatively comfortable 9 km walk, there was time for a bit of fun for the Amigos.  
This was taken right across the tourist information office in Sarria.
Strike a yoga pose, everyone!

And yes, we tried to recreate the famous Beatles' cover -- although some of us are a bit confused as to which way we should be headed.

Four pairs of not-yet-so-dusty shoes celebrate setting foot in Sarria

 Cheers to Day 2!  The Amigos survived to walk another day.

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