Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kim Suy -- Delicious Discovery in Lucena City

My husband is from Lucena City and his mother and sister still live in their old family home.  
On the long week-end of Labor Day, we all drove down to pay them a visit and I invited everyone out for dinner.  Lucena is the capital town of Quezon, a booming and bustling city and has quite a number of good places to eat.

My mother in law said that one of her favourite places to eat was right in the heart of "downtown".  Kimsuy is a Chinese restaurant on the second floor of the  new annex of Queen Margarette Hotel.  

There is outdoor seating along the wrap-around balcony but perhaps not tonight, not with the heat and the humidity.

This hot prawn salad is my mother-in-law's favourite and while I don't really eat this (as I cannot tell if it is supposed to be a sweet or a savoury dish), the prawns were large and fresh and well flavoured.

Kimsuy's yang chow fried rice was tasty and not at all greasy.  It was just so easy to keep
eating cup after cup!

We ordered sweet and sour fish and yes, even lumping shanghai.  The sweet and sour sauce had the right balance and the fish was just lightly battered so you could really enjoy its fresh and firm taste.
The lumpiang shanghai was a big surprise -- the ground meat filling was well seasoned and again, this fried dish was not oily at all.  I think it was my favourite of all the dishes that we ordered.
Kimsuy's food  brought back memories of old style comida china at its best!

Even the special fried chicken was well cooked -- the skin was delightfully crisp and melted in the mouth.  One whole chicken, cut up, was more than enough for all eight of us.

I wanted noodles and the waiter recommended the birthday misua, even if no one was celebrating a birthday.  Our misua  came fully loaded with orange coloured quail eggs, squid, shrimp, chicken liver,  sea cucumber ...  more sahog (ingredients) than noodles!

This is my sister in law seated at the far left and my mother in law, seated next to my husband.  Mama will turn 95 this October and I look forward to taking her to dinner at Kimsuy to celebrate that momentous occasion. And yes, we will feast on hot prawn salad, lumpiang shanghai  and birthday misua!

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