Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My version of Chorizos al Vinagre -- Longganisang Lucban in Coco Cider Vinegar

There were some dishes that I enjoyed in Spain that I instantly knew could be adapted using very  Pinoy ingredients.

One of the best things I ate along the Camino was Chorizos al Vinagre -- served in a charming albergue in the tiny village of Mercadoiro.  The tartness of the sauce, the plump and juicy chorizos plus the large chunks of fresh crusty bread made for a light and refreshing lunch.
I was still munching on my  Chorizos al Vinagre when I knew that a local longganisa could be used in the exact same way.  I have always thought that among all our local sausages, longganisang lucban is the closest to  Spanish chorizo.  Aside from that red colour -- which comes from paprika for chorizos and (sadly) red food colouring  for longganisang lucban, these sausages share some flavour profiles -- both are garlicky, spicy and also slightly tart.

Because Jay is in Lucban every week, I have a steady supply of longganisa in my freezer.  I also had a bottle of Coco Cider Vinegar.   Longganisa from Lucban and coco cider vinegar make this a truly "Quezonian" dish!

The one thing that bothers me about longganisang lucban is the intense red food colouring which leaches out when cooking. For this dish though, it gave the sauce the same shade that the chorizos al vinagre had.   I'm glad I used the "jumbo" sized longganisa,  the regular ones would have been too "bite-sized" and would probably have disintegrated.
Longganisang lucban in coco cider vinegar is a tasty addition to your breakfast table and a new and delicious way to enjoy this uniquely Lucban specialty.  The longganisa absorbs the appetising taste
of the coco vinegar sauce  and yes, tastes great spooned on your fried garlic rice!

Here's how I made Longganisang Lucban in Coco Cider Vinegar!


One dozen jumbo sized longganisa
About one cup of coco cider vinegar or to taste (I would not use commercial white vinegar as this would give you a very sour and acidic taste)
Garlic and some fresh rosemary leaves
Salt and pepper
One tsp of sugar

How to Cook

Snip off the ends of the longganisa, you don't want to eat those tiny pieces of string!
Pour the coco cider vinegar into pan and let boil over medium heat;
Lower heat to simmer and put longganisa in pan.  Let simmer and prick with fork to
ensure longganisa  absorbs the sauce and cooks evenly.
Add salt and pepper to taste plus 1 tsp sugar;
Remove vinegar sauce and set aside.  Remove longganisa from pan.
In the same pan,  add a little oil and saut√© garlic.  Add the longganisa and fry till well done.
Pour as much of the reserved vinegar sauce as you like, simmer for a while and it's done!
Serve hot with fried rice.

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