Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Eclectic Dining at Cafe Voi-La in Tagaytay City

Tagaytay has become so crowded with cafes, restaurants, bars, boutique hotels -- that traffic along the ridge is literally bumper to bumper on week-ends.  To maximise your Tagaytay dining experience -- good food enjoyed amid cooler weather and nice views, it's best to come on a weekday when you can have the place to yourself.

On one weekday trip to Tagaytay,  we decided to stop by this new-ish cafe that we had noticed on the drive in to Highlands.  Cafe Voi-La is just a little bit past the entrance to Crosswinds.  

The interiors are definitely more colourful than the facade.  Bright pinks and greens  work well with lacquer furniture and are complemented by a blend of other very warm and vibrant colours.  The chairs and seat cushions are a riot of colours and patterns as well.

The look is eclectic Asian fusion --a mish-of- this, a mash-of-that but it's all good and it all works.  The overall effect is charming and not at all tacky.

We decided to sit out on the front veranda where brightly painted wicker sofas are mixed up with wooden tables and chairs.   Bright blue water goblets and native straw and fabric placemats make for  attractive and appealing table settings.  All kinds of sconces and lamps adorn the ceiling and the walls.  The lighting must be soft and magical at night. 

The menu is as varied and eclectic as the decor.  There are Asian dishes,  pizzas,  steaks, cakes and pastries, and some western and local dishes.   This put us all in a mood to just order what we liked, even if none of the tastes would probably match. Which is why for starters, we all shared and enjoyed this pomelo salad.  The pomelo was juicy and sweet but with that bit of tartness for a fresh and clean taste.    The serving was generous and good for four people.

Who knew that a pomelo salad would go well with a four cheese pizza?  Cafe Voi-La's pizza was good -- the crust was thin, the cheeses were authentically delicious.

We also ordered  fish and chips.   The fish was firm and fresh, not at all greasy and the dusting of parmesan and herbs was a nice touch.  Servings at Cafe Voi-La are not skimpy and are meant for sharing which to my mind equates to good value.  

 We almost did not order dessert but the attentive and knowledgeable waiter tipped us off on the house best seller.  The salted caramel cheesecake was delicious and easily the best I had tried.  It was a sweet and salty surprise to end our initial foray in to Cafe Voi-La's menu.

Good food, a killer cheesecake, and time well spent with friends... Cafe Voi-La is an ideal place to enjoy a quiet and restful week-day in Tagaytay.

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