Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Beefing Up at Chops Steakhouse in Greenbelt

As an on-again, off-again omnivore,  steak has never been on my list of favourite foods.  
But, once in a rare (like steak) while, I do get a hankering for a nice chunk of beef which is why one week-end,  Jay and I decided to have lunch at Chops in Greenbelt 5.

While the restaurants beside it were full, Chops was refreshingly empty.  I looked forward to a quiet and peaceful Sunday lunch.

Jay hates any kind of fat on his meat so he ordered the 8 oz CAB (certified angus beef) tenderloin.
It was a thick smallish piece of meat that looked lonely on top of the wooden board.
The steaks at Chops come plain,  with gravy and if you want sides or special sauces, you have to pay for it.   Jay ordered the Potato Overload which is really just mashed potatoes with a fancy name and bacon bits.

 I had the 10 oz Rib Eye which was a thinner but larger cut of meat.  And yes, I'll have fries
with that!

I'm happy that Chops got my order of medium rare exactly right.  The meat had a good char on the outside and was rosy on the inside -- just the way I like my steak.

Chops' steaks were very good -- Jay pronounced his tenderloin excellent (although he did admit it could have been bigger) and I really enjoyed my succulent steak.  Not all steakhouses nail medium rare the way I like it so props to Chops for getting it right.  That made up for having to pay for the mashed potatoes and the french fries!

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