Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bun-liciousness at Mu Noodle Bar in Glorietta

It must have been in Glorietta for quite some time now but I just lucked into Mu Noodle Bar a few weeks ago where I found a delicious surprise.

Mu Noodle Bar has a whole range of noodle dishes to choose from but on my first time there, I decided to order their Dong Bo Buns.  What serendipity!  This was just so good.
One order comes with four  bite size fried mantou buns accompanied by an equal number of tender, melt-in-your-mouth braised pork belly slices,  wansoy sprigs, mustard and ground peanuts mixed with a little sugar.

It's like having DIY cua pao!  The buns are soft,  little pillows of slightly sweet mantou dough, fried but not oily at all.  Each bun has been thoughtfully split so all you have to do is open one up, take a piece of the succulent pork belly,  sprinkle with the ground peanuts and top with a sprig of wansoy for that pungent refreshing taste.  Don't forget the mustard if you want a bit of spice and kick to your little sandwich.
Mu's Noodle Bar's Dong Bo buns are the height of scrumptiousness!
I have since been back for this delightfully light and tasty treat.  If you're not too hungry, one order is perfect for lunch or dinner.

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