Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspired by Pork?

Sadly, the National Pork Board has just announced that it is retiring its well known but rather long in the (hog's) tooth slogan of "Pork, the other white meat".
The new line "Pork. Be Inspired" has me quite confused.
Inspired to cook more pork? Eat more pork? Inspired to spread the gospel according to pork?
Pork certainly makes me salivate, thinking of bagnet or char siew or sinigang na ribs.
It has jumpstarted this blog.
But as a marketing line -- "Pork. Be Inspired"?
Too abstract. Too passive. Too lofty.
"The other white meat" was so right.
Straight to the gut (where the major decisions are made).
Crisp (like the skin of a suckling pig).
And certainly clearly positioned pork for what it was.
I think this is a mistake.
Maybe like the people at Gap, the people at the National Pork Board will bring back the old slogan when this one fails to "inspire".

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