Friday, March 11, 2011

Yong Tau Foo -- re-fried, re-heated, really good!

Yong tau foo is a common dish in Singapore.
It's a mix of pre cooked yummies like dumplings, fish balls, and a lot of bean curd based stuff (that's the tau foo for you) plus fresh leafy vegetables like broccoli leaves, kangkong, spinach, bean sprouts.
Found in food courts, kiosks and hawker centers all over Singapore, yong tau foo is one of my favorite things to eat.
You line up at the counter, get a bowl and choose from the dizzying array of stuff -- pick and choose then hand it over. You can have noodles too, a choice between thick yellow noodles or thin vermicelli.
Once you've turned over your (overflowing) bowl, everything in it will be re-heated -- fish balls and fish cakes will be re-boiled, fried dumplings and spring rolls and bean curd skins will be re-fried, noodles will be dipped in boiling water.
Then everything goes back into your bowl. You can have it dry or you can have it with soup.
Season your yong tau foo with various sauces : hot chili, garlic oil, plum or hoisin sauce, fish sauce, chili paste.
I had yong tau foo to go -- a huge bowl of all the things I liked, enjoyed in the comfort of my hotel room!

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