Monday, March 7, 2011

Krazy Kit Kats!

If you like Kit Kat and have been enjoying its basic original taste, it's time to come to Japan and discover just how KRAZY you can go with Kit Kat!
Japanese are gaga over Kit Kat and have so far come up with eighty, yes count them, eighty flavors of this popular confection.
They range from the normal and expected (apple, strawberry, peach) to the eyebrow raising (cheese, roasted corn, green tea) to the downright strange (purple yam, miso, soy sauce and wasabi).
Weirdly enough, most of the flavors work.
I liked soy sauce and wasabi has a certain kick. Green tea comes in both latte and regular versions (both very good and very Japanese). Cheese, unsurprisingly, did not do anything for me. Neither did melon.
My favorite is the dark chocolate Raspberry and Passion Fruit flavor.
I get Kit Kat Krazy when I am in Tokyo. Convenience stores carry different flavors so you have to look around for what you like. Some of the flavors are regional too so don't expect to find them all in one place.
I have tried maybe twenty varieties of the eighty so I'm counting down -- sixty to go!

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