Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pajo Mangoes ... Summer's Bunches of Happiness

Pajo mangoes are small green mangoes that remain tiny throughout their brief life -- sour and tart and with a slight sappy aftertaste.
They herald the start of summer and are to be enjoyed for a short season -- March till April only.
I look out for pajo from my suki at AANI, our neighborhood week-end market. The minute I see the small green mangoes hanging in bunches from the stalls, I make sure I buy them, no matter what the price.
Usually, when the season is just starting, they sell for up to P200 a bunch. The price comes down to P100 or P150 as the supply goes up.
I like to make pajo into buro.
Just slice off the ends and halve each tiny fruit, remove the pit, place into glass jars and sprinkle with rock salt. I keep them overnight in the fridge and pour cold water over them the next day.
They keep their color, texture and crunch for a few weeks, just keep them in the refrigerator. Or, I sometimes make fresh pajo salad -- julienne the pajo, chop some tomatoes and wansoy and sprinkle a little fish sauce or patis.
Pajo adds a tart zing to any meal.

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