Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Top ten favorite ... sisig at Kubo sa Lawn!

People think that sisig is best where it was first invented -- beside the tracks along Angeles City, Pampanga at Aling Lucing's. Be that as it may, but that was a long time ago and sisig has since been done and redone by nearly every restaurant, bar, carinderia in every part of the country.
On this trip to Bacolod, my friends and I discovered that sisig has been perfected in a casual and breezy outdoor drinking place called Kubo sa Lawn. KSL, as the locals call it, has received rave reviews from various newspapers and food magazines -- ranking its sisig as one of the top ten in the Philippines!

Just because I've stopped eating meat doesn't mean the rest of the party have to suffer. We ordered KSL's famous pork sisig which came sizzling on a hot plate -- naturally we let it cook a bit more until we could see the edges turn a toasty, crusty brown.
As it cooked further, I found myself slowly being enveloped in sisig-y fumes. The wonderful onion and pork aroma brought back memories of sisigs past. Everyone who tried it said it was indeed delicious -- and possibly one of the best they had ever tasted.

Thankfully, KSL had squid sisig on the menu so of course I ordered that. Done with lots more chopped white onions, the squid was tender and tasted fresh. It was perfectly done and went well with my ice cold beer.

Kubo sa Lawn is right along well traveled Libertad Ext. Hard to miss, specially at night when the brightly lit sign beckons.

You'll find a cluster of open air native huts -- perfect for wafting away those food smells from all the sizzling plates of sisig! You can choose to dine semi indoors where most families and office workers sit.

Drinking and eating buddies prefer the more outdoorsy feel and stay in the tented gazebo that is softly lit with hanging lamps and framed by a lot of shrubbery and trees.
The mild Bacolod night breeze perks up the appetite and enhances one's enjoyment of the evening!

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