Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tsukiji Sushi Sen : You know you're in Tokyo when you're having Sashimi and Sushi for Breakfast

It's 7:30 a.m. and I'm still a little sleep deprived. Yet, my feet take me automatically from my hotel through a 15 minute walk to Tsukiji where a sashimi and sushi breakfast awaits.

Tsukiji Sushi Sen has two outlets in the Tsukiji Outer Market, which is located right outside the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

I have had many breakfasts here, always trying to squeeze one in every time I am in Tokyo.

There are lots of expensive, high quality sushi restaurants all over Tokyo but those around the Tsukiji Outer Market feel like neighborhood restaurants and have neighborly prices.

We were not the first customers that morning but the place was pretty empty when we arrived. Lunchtime is when it can be hard to find a table and solitary diners usually sit at the counter where they get a close up view of the sushi chefs at work.

Sushi Sen's menu comes in japanese and english and you may order sushi by the piece or by mixed sets. There are handwritten signs on the walls featuring daily specials but of course, they're written in Japanese.

A piping hot cup of strong green tea prepares the palate for the feast that is about to begin.

For starters I always order a large bowl of miso soup, overflowing with plump clams and julienned green onions. This really warms the stomach -- I finish the clams and feel half full but psyche myself up for the sushi feast that is about to begin.

There were just two of us but we order sushi and sashimi plates.
First up is a tuna sushi set with different kinds and cuts of tuna -- each piece is an experience in terms of mouth feel. Tastes ranged from subtle to robust and strong.
One cut, the fatty otoro which comes from the tuna belly, was almost sinfully rich.
As a breaker from all that tuna, we also ordered a mixed sashimi plate with different varieties of raw fish, shrimp and shellfish.

If I were strictly vegetarian, I could still have my sushi and eat it too!
I ordered this all-veg sushi tray which came artfully and appetizingly presented.
Using vegetables like young chives, pickled bok choy, eggplant, carrots and a variety of sprouts and micro greens, it was delicately light and delicious -- definitely something to look forward to on the next breakfast at Tsukiji Sushi Sen!

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