Monday, December 31, 2012

Paris the 3rd Time Around - Day 14 The Pleasures of the Airport Lounge

Airline lounges are not always necessary specially during short flights with little time to waste.  But on long haul flights with lengthy lay overs, they really come in handy.  
KLM's Taipei stop over added 8 hours of waiting time for us -- 4 hours in Charles de Gaulle and another 4 in Schiphol.

Our morning started at the CDG Airport Lounge and this being Paris -- breakfast was a good buttery croissant, honey and demi sel beurre to go with it.  A bottle of Evian, naturally.

We waited so long for our flight, before we knew it, the makings of lunch were served.  I decided to keep things light and had a good hearty mushroom soup with crackers -- plus a small packet of chips.

Jay's lunch plate had roast beef, jamon serrano and a tomato quesadilla.  The glass of white wine on the table is mine and not his.

Another long wait at Schiphol before our 8:45 pm flight to Taipei then on to Manila!

Dinner time at the KLM Crowne Lounge was quite sumptuous and very tasty too.  There were various types of sausages and cold ham, good Edam cheese and a hot meal of a very tender beef stew with winter vegetables. A small card beside the pot explained that it was typical and traditional Dutch fare served during the cold months.
I was surprised to find that it was very good and even better tasting than an in-flight meal.
I suppose it's true what they say -- our taste buds change 30,000 feet up in the air.

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