Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paris 3rd Time Around - Day 8 Willy Leyba and my new Parisian Hairdo

Would I travel halfway around the world just to get my hair cut?  If it's Paris and it's a haircut by Willy Leyba, you can bet that I will!
I first met Willy on my last trip to Paris and was so impressed by his hairstyling wizardry -- but more than that I was struck by his work ethic, his humility and his graciousness -- living in Paris for more than 20 years -- the big city had not changed his gentle and kind nature.

I was able to book an appointment for Thursday noon.
I discovered that it was easy to find Willy's shop again -- I remembered the way from last time.
Like a homing pigeon, I got off the metro stop and honed in on this chic and elegant lavender facade -- Willy's shop in the upscale and exclusive 16th arr.

As in last year, Jay made sure to take my "before" photo ... before Willy does his magic on my hair.

There were clients having their hair colored when we arrived but Willy works super fast -- I didn't have to wait long.  While I waited, we kept up a running conversation in Tagalog -- but Willy would switch quickly and easily to French as he talked to his clients.
Talk about multi lingual!  His clients love him and why wouldn't they -- they all left looking much better than when they came in!

As in last year, there is only Willy and one more Filipina hairstylist in the shop.  They both do everything including keeping the floors swept and clean.  No extra person to wash and shampoo hair -- they do  everything themselves.
Truly impressive multi tasking.  I think of the dozens of people working in Piandre ... and I am further impressed by how efficient and organized Willy is.

Now it's my turn to benefit from Willy's skills.  I tell him to go ahead and do as he will with my hair -- I trust him implicitly.  I also tell him that when he cut my hair last December, it took many months before I needed a trim -- he cuts hair so well that my hair actually looked better as it grew longer.

Voila!  Here I am with my much shorter hairdo.  Willy asked me if he could cut it a bit shorter than before and I am so happy that he did.  If it weren't for my white hair -- I would say that I look years younger.  We pose for our requisite "after" shot -- then I pay my bill (so reasonable for such great service and in such a classy district) and give Willy a kiss -- french style, on both cheeks. I thank him profusely for  making me look so good once again.
We say our "au revoirs" and I add "a bientot" -- see you again Willy!

Back in the metro with my new hair ... will I make it back to get another haircut from Willy next year? Well -- why not?

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