Monday, July 28, 2014

Chef Wong's Dim Sum Dining in Sham Shui Po - tasty discovery of take out treats

We had just polished off two plates of porky deliciousness and were on our way back to the MTR station when I spotted this colourful restaurant generically called .... Dim Sum Dining.

It was on Pei Ho street, near the entrance to the MTR and there was just so much clutter ... lots of photos of food, clippings of magazine and newspaper reviews,  all sorts of kitschy decor ... pumpkins on the roof, machang or lotus leaf wrapped rice hanging in bundles, a toaster oven that was sending off interesting aromas .... I just had to stop.

After I had bought some of the baked pies in the toaster oven,  a whole crowd suddenly appeared seemingly from nowhere.  It seems this little place is quite popular.  When I checked on, I learned that the owner of Dim Sum Dining is Chef Wong, who used to be the executive chef of Maxim's - one of the largest restaurant and catering companies in Hong Kong.  He probably finally decided that he would do much better if he opened his own place.

I took home two pieces of the pan fried duck bun and one order of the char siew steamed bun or siopao.  The pan fried duck buns were golden brown on top and on the bottom.  They were heavy, compressed little discs and were still warm when we got to the hotel.

Even if I was still reeling from the lunch at Guangdong, I knew these little baked buns wouldn't taste good if I didn't have them while they were still warm.  I broke one in half and it was full of duck meat, mixed with chopped vegetables in a chinese spice flavoured dark caramelised sauce.
It may not have been the thing to end a heavy lunch with but it was a wonderful find.
Next time, I know enough to go back to Dim Sum Dining to unearth more of what dim sum delights it offers.

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