Monday, July 28, 2014

Izumi Curry in Hysan Place, Hong Kong -- Dinner Curry Fix at the Food Court

Food courts may not be the best places to find a meal good enough to write about but all the restaurants on Hysan Place's 12th floor had long queues at dinner time.  Instead of waiting, we took the escalator down to the Food Court on the 11th floor.  All of the tables were full too but Izumi Curry, occupying a corner near the back, surprisingly was not full.  

It's hard to go wrong with Japanese curry. Even the packaged, ready-to-heat-and-eat kinds are very edible.  Izumi Curry is a brand from Osaka so I was quite sure we wouldn't be disappointed.

Curry is the star of the menu with many kinds to choose from -- beef, beef tongue, pork cutlets, omelet with curry, hamburger curry and even a mega hamburger version that promised a Godzilla sized patty.  There are also curry udon noodles.  There are salads for light eaters and side dishes like fried chicken or karaage

 Jay ordered a normal sized hamburger curry although I was egging him to try the Mega sized version.  He pronounced it authentic and quite delicious.  I tried the curry sauce with some rice and indeed, it  was a good blend of spicy and sweet curry flavours.  Very typical Japanese curry.
The consistency was also smooth -- neither too thin nor  lumpy.  Little bits of herbs added piquancy to the taste.

I wanted to drink more than eat and rice doused with curry sauce seemed too heavy for dinner. Instead I ordered a small pork cutlet that came with a side of greens tossed with a sesame miso dressing.  The pork cutlet was rosu or pork loin  and therefore had quite a bit of juicy, unhealthy fat at the ends.  But it was tender and well seasoned although a bit oilier than what you get in Japan.
All in all, it was a quick, delicious dinner at Izumi Curry -- a taste of Osaka in a corner of a Hong Kong food court.

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