Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Midnight Snack from Causeway Bay -- Street Stall Curry Fishballs

If midnight snacks are your thing, the streets of Causeway Bay are rife with possibilities.  There are many small restaurants that are open till way past midnight.  My favourite along Jardine's Bazaar road,  Shanghai Hong Kong Noodle purveyor of rice rolls par excellence, is open 24 hours.

If street food is your thing, stalls and vendors abound selling all sorts of tempting munchies.  I was on my way back to the hotel from a midnight shopping spree when this hole in the wall caught my eye.

Fishballs in hot, spicy curry sauce are a snack staple and something that I can not pass up.  I ordered a portion plus a stick of lobster balls, to take back to the hotel.  

 Somehow my small container of spicy fishballs and a rice roll did not look too out of place on top of J Plus Hotel's elegant dining table.  The fishballs were cooked just right, retaining their chewy, springy texture.  The hot curry sauce was perfect -- sinus-opening spicy and with just a bit of sweetness.  It was so addictive, I am embarrassed to say that I sopped up the remaining sauce with my rice roll.

What a messy, dripping, finger-licking-good, gratifying midnight snack.  My cravings for Hong Kong street food fulfilled, I felt like an impostor, lying on J Plus Hotel's soft, cool sheets. . . dreaming of fishballs in spicy curry sauce.

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