Wednesday, June 29, 2011

O Tempora! O Mores! Signs of "Progress" on the Northern Road Trip

Are you old enough to remember the charming sight of an ox-drawn cart,
laden with baskets, woven mats, assorted crafts?
They used to be found all through the provincial highways, specially during summertime.
Going from town to town, it was a living for most families who sold their wares during
fiestas and tiangge days.
Well, that cart is no more.
Imagine my horror when I saw that the ox had been replaced by a Kawasaki motorcycle!
While animal lovers may welcome this as a more humane, I think the ox
must secretly have enjoyed the pasyal from town to town --
they seemed to be well taken cared of by their owners and adequately fed, watered and tended to during the journey.
What charm is there in a tricycle laden with baskets?
They're noisy, pollute the clean provincial air with their fumes and clog traffic on busy roads.
I'm all for progress and I look for the signs every year when we take our road trip --
progress by way of wider and better roads, cleaner streets, well zoned areas, well maintained public plazas
and municipal halls, newer and better public markets, and so on and so forth.
The tricycle substitute for the ox drawn cart is nothing but an abomination to me.
I hope I don't see it again on next year's road trip!

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