Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One Night in Hotel Lorita - Best Hotel in Tuguegarao City

After visiting Our Lady of Piat, the next stop is Tuguegarao City which is where we spend the night.
Since it's been a long journey, it's specially important to find a place that's clean, well maintained, safe
and with adequate, secure parking.
Hotel Lorita delivers on all those points.
Located along Rizal Street, it's very near the Cathedral, the public market and other commercial and business establishments.
But even if the hotel is right by a busy street, you are insulated from the noise and bustle once you enter the small but neat lobby.
I always ask for a room on the "annex", which is set way in the back on the third floor.
There, the rooms are bigger and each is furnished with a queen sized bed, a comfortable sofa and a small personal ref.
Cable tv and air-conditioning are part of the deal.
The bathroom, while bare, is nonetheless spotlessly clean with hot water to boot.
This last visit, we were pleasantly surprised to find that Lorita now has free wifi for guests -- and connection was strong and stable, better than in most places here in Manila.
On this trip too, we noted that Lorita's restaurant had been expanded and renovated. We had always enjoyed the very good
Chinese food served here and now with the expansion, the dining room was even fuller than before.
The room comes with free breakfast which gave Jay a chance to enjoy Tuguegarao's garlicky and delicious longganiza, a worthy cousin to the Ilokano variety.
After a restful, quiet night in Hotel Lorita-- our Northern road trip continues after breakfast!

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