Friday, June 17, 2011

SPAMmed at Burger King!

Who doesn't like Spam?
Generations of Pinoys have grown up on this "special processed army meat" although
I'm not sure if that's what it really stands for.
To my mind, it's more like "seriously positively addictive meat" because once you start eating it,
you want more and more.
Jay loves Spam -- this health nut husband of mine admits to this definitely unhealthy addiction.
While we try to avoid it at home, he seeks it out at Burger King where they serve it for breakfast.
Our first stop on this year's North Road Trip was at the Shell Station along NLEX and he zoomed in
on the Burger King outlet like a homing pigeon looking for Spam pellets.
It was even better because since I've stopped eating meat, he got my two slices of Spam while I still had
a filling breakfast with a double dose of scrambled eggs.
Fortified with Spam -- it was onward, upward and northward for us!
Next stop ... lunch!

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