Monday, June 13, 2011

One Less Pig To Die

And cow. Chicken. And duck. And goose. Yes, sheep. And goat.
I've done it. I've stopped eating any kind of meat.
Every year, I turn vegetarian for the 40 days of Lent.
I become a lacto-ovo vegetarian, forsaking all meat, fish, poultry.
Nothing but vegetables and eggs and dairy products.
When Easter rolled around, I decided to extend the fasting from meat although
I started to eat fish and other kinds of sea food.
And I have lasted so far, up to now, without tasting any morsel of meat.
I'm doing it for health reasons -- I feel better and healthier and yes, lighter.
I'm also doing it for ethical reasons -- in my own small way,
hopefully some animal will not give up its life in the usual inhumane fashion.
So what about this blog then ...
Of course it will go on because there are so many other delicious things to enjoy,
so many food experiences to share.
And while I will not be eating meat, I can still reminisce and blog about it.

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