Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bagnet Redux

While I have blogged about bagnet in a much earlier post,
it's such a well entrenched part of our Northern Road Trip that
I'd like to write about it again.
This year, I have stopped eating meat but that didn't
stop us from indulging in our annual bagnet buying frenzy
at the Laoag Public Market.
As I do every year, I made a beeline for my suki's
stall. I have been buying bagnet and longganiza from Maan Acorda ever since we started our annual
Ilokos vacations.
Bagnet and longganiza are both sold by the kilo but
I always ask for X number of pieces.
This year, in deference to my semi-vegetarianism,
I "only" bought 18 humongous chunks of bagnet
and 60 pieces of longganiza.
Believe me, I have been known to buy so much more.
Whatever do you do with it, you might ask.
Well, I bring back some for pasalubong and I freeze the rest.
Maan's bagnet stays crisp and crunchy
and doesn't dry out, even after many weeks.
Her longganiza is also very good and
while I don't eat it anymore, the smell of it being fried for breakfast
is a sure fire way to bring back memories of our Ilokos road trip.

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