Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meanest Margaritas in Ilokos at Kapuluan Vista Resort

Right after checking in at Kapuluan, you are offered a welcome drink --
the best ever margarita this side of the North!
One sip of this frozen stress buster and all the tiredness (from the long drive) and
worries (how are things
back at the office?)
melt away.
This sudden decompression must also be because of the
atmosphere and ambience of
where your margarita is
Kapuluan has a
breezily casual
restaurant that adds to the over all
relaxed and relaxing vibe of the resort.
The high thatched ceiling makes for cool surroundings even with a blazingly hot sun
outside. Potted blooms and blossoms floating in bowls are on the tables,
a view of the swimming pool is right in front of you and a small cozy lounge area
is off by the side where you can sit on the sofa and choose a book to read from
the shelf.
The waitstaff are attentive and efficient but never intrusive or obsequious.
The owners' poodles have the run of the place and are charming mealtime companions.
There is a menu with a few well chosen items that range from
native to Cali-Mex to
fusion ... all beautifully
While my favorite Ilokano dish, insarabasab is not offered, they do a
very good dinakdakan.
Bagnet and pinakbet
are also present.
And their version of the
Ilokano empanada seems
healthier with a crisp, puffy, flour based crust and crunchy vegetables from the
organic garden.
Do you want something more western? There are juicy burgers. Pastas.
And fish and chips. But you must try the burritos. A nod to the owners' Southern California
origins, the burritos come two to an order, are big enough to share and
come with a
side of the owner's addictive home made hot chili sauce.
If you want lobster or any special kind of sea food, just give the kitchen some time to
source it from the neighborhood fishermen -- and enjoy it in
time for dinner.
On work days, aside from the daily double dose of caffeine, I hardly have time for a proper breakfast
but in Kapuluan, this is a not-to-be-missed event.
In addition to the Filipino breakfasts of native longganiza or crunchy-as-chicharon daing na dilis you can have mini pancakes with fresh bananas and syrup.
They don't have commercially made pan de sal or "tasty" in this resort.
The chef bakes his own yummy loaf which you can have as french toast or
just plain buttered, with creamy scrambled eggs garnished with fresh herbs.
Coffee is strong and native and freshly brewed but I love the
tea that they make, with herbs just picked from the garden.

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