Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Biscocho from Pasuquin Bakery. A Must-Stop on the Northern Road Trip

Aside from the aforementioned salt industry, Pasuquin is also famous for
the biscocho baked by the Pasuquin Bakery.
Slightly flavored with anise (which a
friend of mine says is how biscocho
tastes in Spain), Pasuquin biscocho
comes in soft and crunchy varieties.
The soft biscocho is amazingly squashy and cushy
and really really good. You can
eat it with butter, cream cheese, jam
but I like to have it just as it is.
It doesn't keep for long, three days at most.
The crunchy variety, they say can last a couple of
months without ever turning stale (although
I usually finish all that I buy within a week or two).
As you drive past Pasuquin on the national road,
look out for the sign at the turn that reads
"Biscocho Pride of the North".
You will not want to miss this stop.

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