Thursday, July 22, 2010

Best Buy at 168 Mall

What do I go to 168 Mall for? Wristlet bags? Designer knock offs? Ripped jeans? 
NOT!  It's to-die-for lechon macao or roasted crispy pork at Mitzi's -- a food stall located at the 
mall's 3rd floor food court.

Mitzi's is easy to find, it has the longest queue in the food court with people lining up for the roasted meats.   

There's the lechon macao,  asado or char siew pork, steamed white chicken (for those on a diet). 
 In addition to that, there's good solid Chinese fare like steamed chao fan or rice rolls, ampalaya con tausi, yang chow fried rice, fish with tokwa and tausi and chami cooked to order -- also very good -- very oily but very yummy!

But Mitzi's unbelievably crisp-skinned lechon macao is the star of the show.  It's fork tender, well cooked,  and perfectly seasoned.  Surprisingly, it isn't oily at all, perhaps because it's displayed hanging on a hook thus all the oil and fat have dripped off.
Because this is 168 Mall, prices are very reasonable.  A generous single order of the lechon, good for 2 to 3 people costs less than P200 but makes for a very satisfying meal. BURP!

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