Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sin Swee Kee ... That Chicken Rice was SHIOK, lah! Part 1

Hainanese chicken rice is Singapore's national dish and I just love it! I have 3 favorite chicken rice places in the Lion City and all are just SHIOK (I think that means effing good in Singapore slang). While people can be lulled into thinking that this dish is healthy because it's made with boiled chicken -- you all got another think coming. The chicken may be boiled but the rice is cooked in the chicken broth with all that chicken fat! Which is why, the rice is so delicious. With the accompanying ginger sauce and chili paste, it's just one mighty fine SHIOK meal!
Next time you're in Singapore, check out YET CON on Purvis St. where the chicken is extra tender and juicy. Yet Con also serves thinly sliced and very good roast pork. My other favorite is SIN SWEE KEE along Seah St. (just next door to Purvis). Their bright green ginger sauce gives a different flavor to the dish. I also like their chili sauce, freshly made everyday, in full view of customers. Their fried fritters (ngoh hiang) are also worth ordering.
What drink goes with chicken rice? Nothing beats Yeo's canned cold barley drink! SHIOK!

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